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Manga Planet India Announces Exclusive Release of Terako Shima’s India Calling Me Now

Ikebukuro, Japan — FANTASISTA, INC., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP), and Kodansha Ltd. are delighted to announce that the official English-language translation of Terako Shima’s India Calling Me Now can be read exclusively on the online manga-reading platform Manga Planet India from April 12, 2024.

Below is a synopsis of this series:

“You can keep drawing manga as long as you do the chores!”

Natsume Kanazawa is a 28-year-old manga artist. She draws manga professionally, but it hasn’t been going well. When her live-in boyfriend asks her to accompany him to India on the premise of marriage, she decides to go along. That is where Natsume has a fateful encounter with a local girl. While bearing a frustrated expression, the girl mutters, “In India, it’s normal for women to quit their jobs after getting married.” They may be from different countries and speak different languages, but they appear to have similar struggles. Natsume takes the first step and embarks on a life-changing adventure.

“Why do I need your permission to draw manga?!”



Readers will be able to read India Calling Me Now by digitally purchasing chapters on Manga Planet India.

The launching of this title is part of a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiative by Kodansha Ltd., the impetus for which is as follows:

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Gender Gap Index, Japan was ranked 125th out of 146 countries, while India held the 127th position. Despite the geographical and cultural differences between these nations, both pose significant challenges for women. Against this backdrop, Kodansha Ltd. is spearheading an SDGs project aimed at enhancing the quality of life for women in both Japan and India. This initiative receives support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and collaboration from All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd. (ANA). The project introduces a new manga that explores the art of navigating a challenging world through the unique interactions between Natsume, a Japanese woman facing various hardships, and Ruby, an Indian woman who takes immense pride in her way of life.


Read India Calling Me Now here



About Terako Shima

In 2017, Terako Shima won the 2nd Otona Shoujo Manga Award for her work Babyunto Kareshi, which was published in the July 2017 issue of the manga magazine “Hatsukiss” (Kodansha), marking her debut as a manga artist. Her other works include Ambiguous Relationship, That Girl Who Moved to Tokyo and With One Year Left to Live, I Buy a Man.


About Manga Planet India (

Manga Planet India is a country-specific version of the online manga distribution service Manga Planet, which is jointly operated by FANTASISTA, INC. and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP).

Even prior to the launch of its global manga subscription services in 2019, Manga Planet had already established ties with the Indian fan community by participating in local conventions.

To better understand and interact with manga fans in India, the operation team started the Manga Planet India Facebook page in 2015, which has since gained over 150,000 followers.

Now, following a collaborative research project on manga readers in the country, Manga Planet India has finally launched on November 15, 2023.

Manga Planet India offers a one-month subscription plan called the Manga Pass priced at 99 INR, as well as options to digitally purchase titles through Points. Visit Manga Planet India’s official website to learn more, and start by signing up for free.

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