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What to Do in Case of Credit Card Issues in Paying for a Manga Pass

Thank you very much for supporting Manga Planet India.

We have learned that some users have encountered errors when using their credit card to pay for a Manga Pass (our subscription plan).

Although we at Manga Planet are unable to confirm the exact reason(s) with Stripe, such issues generally are due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your credit card cannot be used for recurring payments such as subscriptions
  • Your credit card cannot be used for overseas transactions (Manga Planet is operated by a Japanese company)
  • Your credit score is low

For those with multiple credit cards, please try again with another card.

Alternatively, if none of your cards work, please consider buying a gift code instead.

A gift code costs exactly the same as a Manga Pass. Here’s how you can use it to subscribe to Manga Planet:

  1. Purchase a gift code*
  2. Redeem the gift code to get a Manga Pass

*Gift codes do not expire; you can redeem them anytime.

Please note that, unlike a subscription, a gift code is a one-time payment. It does not automatically renew, so if you want to continue being a Manga Pass Holder (i.e. a subscriber) after one month, you will have to buy and redeem another gift code.

Lastly, we encourage those who would like to know the exact reason(s) for their credit card being declined to contact their credit card issuer.

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