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Manga Planet India Has Launched!

Welcome to Manga Planet India! We are the Indian version of Manga Planet, a convenient and straightforward online subscription service for officially licensed Japanese manga.

There are three ways to read manga on Manga Planet.

  • Read Free (free previews of selected chapters)
  • Read with Points (individual purchases of titles)
  • Read with the Manga Pass (subscription plan)

First, why not create an account to browse our service and see how you like it? It’s free to sign up, and it’ll give you access to our handy functions, as well as more free previews!

Then, if you’ve decided that our content is for you, you can get a Manga Pass (the name of our subscription plan), or buy Points to digitally purchase titles.

For more information on the different Manga Planet user types, please check our guide titled “Your Manga Planet Journey.

You can also check out the following pages to find out about who we are, what our service is all about, and how we started:

We at Manga Planet aim to support and enrich your manga-reading life to the best of our abilities.

We will gradually add more and more titles to our catalogue, so please look forward to it!

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